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Saturday, December 17th, 2011
1:16 pm
Освобождение голоса , постановка голоса, дикция , Pet Shop Boys.

 Ссылки на материал в моём журнале    http://voicebeautiful.livejournal.com/

Здесь я выложил эксперименты своего голоса . Научится петь можно самому . Все упражнения по изменению голоса я взял из творчества
группы Pet Shop Boys и предоставив вам аудио и видео материал показываю где именно я взял упражнения . Здесь я также описываю круг
поиска упражнения которое является ключевым , оно снимает зажим , делает голос свободным , сочным , ярким , громче , насыщенней ,
певческим и тд . . Так же в раздаче вы найдёте некоторые ссылки и список полезных программ , среди которых есть по откату системы ...
Friday, April 24th, 2009
1:12 am
Yes!!!! The new Pet Shop Boys album is out now.
Any Pet Shop Boys fans out there? I'm assuming so... they have a new album out now and it's so so so good... i'm kind of a super fan so i'm spreading the love, etc :).


Yes on iTunes
"Love, Etc." Video
PSB Video Medley
PSB Yes Magamix on Out.com

Pet Shop Boys Snake Game
Pet Shop Boys Performing at the Brits with Brandon Flowers and Lady Gaga

Official Website

You can hear the album via this widget, which is cool... but worth buying imho:
Sunday, April 19th, 2009
12:49 am
Damn Man
An awful lot of spam has been making its way through here. Are the mods even alive anymore?
Thursday, September 11th, 2008
5:30 pm
More Femininity
Just a new pic from this summer. Agian, I'm the kind to go for 'girly looking but normal'. I just like the fact that I can be a boy, very feminine, but stand in a crowd and not look odd. Guys just seem to notice I'm kinda flat in the chest. Heh.

So no, this isn't me 'dressed up' in some sorta getup that I only wear when inside and alone... This is the sorta thing I wore all summer, at the arcade, out with friends, down town while shopping. More fun if it's reality rather then fantasy. :)

Friday, March 28th, 2008
9:27 pm
Boy On The Outside, Girl On The Inside

The title kind of says it all.  I'm not sure if I count as a "fem boy" because I'd have to be a boy to be a fem boy.  But I live in the male social gender, so I guess that works.  I'm definitely from Venus, though; my understanding of guys falls short even when measured against genetic women.  Though my biological sex is male, my internal sense of gender has been female as long as I can remember.

I have created a website for transgendered people who don't change their bodies.  The name is the same as the title of this post, and the URL is http://www.geocities.com/girlinside123/  Any biographical info I can post here is on there, so I won't waste the space.

It's nice to find a group of people who live in the male social gender but share my love of all things feminine!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008
8:55 pm
Will someone please help me out?
Finally I got the house all to myself again! This hasn't happened once since Christmas. Everybody is gone and although I have a ton of work to do. I'm taking full advantage of this oppertunity. So I've took a few pics. I've grown my hair out and hope to try to do something with it soon and I've got my ears pierced too since my last pics. But why do I still look like such a boy? I've gained alot of weight in the past year. I guess my metabolism is changing. Plus I've quite smoking and a few other bad habits I had. So I've lost my girly figure I've always had, and it really shows in my face. But I'm sure there's ways around this but when I see myself in a picture all I see is boy! I'm missing something and I need some help figuring it out.
Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
6:41 am
Ok I got a really weired question that some one might know a answer too. Right then here we go I'm a girl and I mean a proper girl but I identify with being a gay man, I feel like a fem man true but still. I pretty much get mistaken for being a lesbian a lot of time's when in truth I never really fancied a girl before, there was a time I fancied a trans man, she's now a man but I don't think that counts. Anyway I hope you not mad at this very confused boy/girl for posting here I just wondering if there anyone that understands that I'm a gay man in a woman's body.
Wednesday, November 7th, 2007
1:17 am
T-shirts are cute. :P

My best friend is over, so we played with her camera.  I felt I'd post some of what we took and see what people thought.  Cause soft feminine boys are the best kind of boys... Except for the strong masculine boys that hug and protect them. <3

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Monday, August 20th, 2007
5:54 pm
hey i am new
 i am new here 
check my journal .everything there is truthful and honest
i am sweet ,down to eartth and friendly
lookin to meet likeminded friends
feel free to add me to ur list or help me with my lifetime questions
see ya...
7:43 am
mistresses have secrets too
Fair warning, this greeting is going to be crossposted to several communities as a general introduction.

My handle is Miss Merci Belle and I am a 27 year old female living in the Midwest. While I do have two bachelor degrees I've learned that there are only three loves in my life - my husband, my writing, and kink.

5 am posting. Forgot to cut. Sorry!Collapse )
Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
5:22 am
The Illusion of Gender...
Black and white, this is how many people, be they of the past or present, view everything.

Black and white…

But is life, existence, really as simple as black and white? No, I don’t believe it is for many different reasons. The gray exists in everything no matter what one may think…there is always a gray area. In this instance I am referring to finding the gray in gender. In our society, everyone, regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, form of employment, or gender, is categorized…
Male, female, hermaphrodite, gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual…
All of these words and many more are used to categorize us from the moment we enter this world until the time we die. To all who do, do not, and only know me merely as an acquaintance I am a 23 year old, homosexual male. This is my category because this is how I have been placed by a system of static observations and assumptions that have been followed and applied since the world began. However, simply because it is as old as the first human thought, does that make it truly accurate and factual?

There are four aspects the make up every living and nonliving thing in the cosmos: Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.
These four things are the building blocks of our entire state of being…so now please allow me to pose yet another question. If a person is female in mind, heart, and spirit, yet physically male…dose that make them a man? If, again, in mind, heart, and soul you are male but physically female, does that make you a woman? I know that some of you who might be reading this are thinking yes. But can you tell me why? Can you explain to me why if for all intents and purposes a person is female, save for their physical form, WHY they are still classified as male? No, I honestly don’t believe you can. Life has shaped and molded us to think this way. From the moment of our births the aspects of gender are forever and constantly being shoved in our faces. Thusly this would, of course, create not only the firm belief but also the psychoses that everyone is fundamentally, regardless of what they feel or believe to be true, of the gender they were physically born with. I can’t be angry with people when they call me man, dude, bro, boy, brother, father, sir, mr., or son, because to them, simply because I have a penis, I am male despite my mind, heart, and soul. I don’t expect people to acknowledge me as she, her, ms, miss, mrs., lady, girl, ma’am, woman, sister, or mother, because this would cause deep psychosomatic confusion for them. Yet is it fair to me to assume that I am male simply because I was born physically as such? Is it fair to that person over there that because they are masculine in all forms but physically that we call and assume that she is a she? Gender is an illusion that is so strong it effects even the strongest of minds and wills. And simply because I am writing this essay on the subject does not mean that I myself do no fall prey to said illusion because I assure you I do. I however, just as I am sure and know that there are other people out there with the same views as I, understand that life and existence is not nearly so simple as what we perceive it to be. Nothing is so static or, as I said at the beginning, black and white. We all fall into the gray whether we realize it or not. It is do, however, to our preconceived ideas of gender and sexuality that people are moved to do such things as having themselves surgically altered into the gender that they know themselves to be inside. But no one ever really considers what’s on the inside first. That always comes much later and even then with some people it is nothing more then a superficial understanding or personalized perception of what and who we are. To many I am sure I am nothing more then a gender confused flaming faggot. The reason for this is because, again, physically I am male but because my personality and mannerisms are indeed feminine I am simply considered a flaming girly boy, a sissy, or just a freak.


The perpetual and ongoing illusion that will undoubtedly play a constant role in society until all comes to an end should that time ever come. I pray however that I am wrong and that people someday manage to see beyond the black and white of everything and into the deep and endless gray that exist in all…
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
10:18 am
Saturday, January 6th, 2007
11:00 pm
very shy
Hi. *waves* i have to say this maybe the place for me. you see. I am well. i don't see myself as a big sexy male. no i feel more like being pretty and want to look it. I love long hot baths with oils and scents. and i do wear some softer underwear. i even have a Victoria's Secret Angel card. I even have this little sway in my hips and i love to wave my hair around. i hope i am welcomed here. i am very shy. *covers her face and blushes*
Saturday, December 30th, 2006
5:22 pm
You all know me; I've posted lots of times here before.

I got a job. I find myself working at a gas station not too far from home. However, gas stations, as places of employment, have been typically homophobic and very masculine, at least around here. I'm a pretty boy, very androgynous and whatnot. No one says anything explicitly, but I hear muttering about. I always have to remember to use a lower and rougher voice, lest people don't know what's going on and wonder why there's a fag pumping gas.

Just trying to keep from getting hell on the job is all.

(But my boss likes me; she says I'm cute. And the best worker we've had.)
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
3:37 pm
Greetings all
I'm new to the group ... I'm a cisgendered woman with a tg partner & I host chats for xdressers & sissies here:

Friday, November 24th, 2006
7:32 pm
Too girly?
Sometimes I confuse myself. It seems I can't even pass for a male unless I absolutely try. I did an anime convention this last weekend, I was on staff for it and I basicly slaved away way too long. What I mostly wore was girls blue jeans, random t-shirts depending on when I changed and my hair was tried back to keep it out of the way. And then came a slew of odd questions from people I didn't know. (Ya know, the people I did know just know I'm a boy. o.O)

"Hi, who are you?"
"...I'm Ashley..."
"Hello then Miss Ashley!" (Don't you think it's stupid when people refer to other people with an honorism and then their first name?)
"...No... I'm a guy..."
"No, you're a tomboy!" (Yes, that's right, he corrected ME...)

In shelling out cases of pop at the convention, the hotel manager on staff was passing cases to me from the kitchen fridge two at a time. I caught one awkwardly and she then, I'm not kidding here, and out of full ligitimate concern for my health... Asked me if I might be pregnant. Afraid I had some how 'hurt the baby' when all I had done was recoiled slightly after catching (*does math*) 37lbs of Coke a bit to abruptly to the gut. :/ She couldn't stop appologising after I said "...I'm not even a girl...!"

After the convention a guy asked me if I was 'One of those girls that likes to pretend she's a guy'.

Ya know, I'm sure as hell starting to feel like I'm one... :/

I feel weird now, I just want to be a feminine male but it's like I've managed to dramaticly overshoot it till any semblance of my male identity is ignored, completly. At first, I thought my feminine apperance was just helping me opt out of certian 'expected male bullshit'... Now... I sware, someone's going to see me being mooding and in all honesty think I'm mensturating or something. |:
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
10:12 pm
Androgynous Power So Needs to be Reinstalled
In historical times cultures have emphasized male power over female power so much to the detriment of everybody. More recently, there's the rise of girlpower/womanpower, which has been a positive development. However, androgyny still seems like a weak, undesirable concept. If we can find power in the physically strong, and can find power in the nurturing and feeling-thinking, how come when the two comes together it gets weakened?
For example, the image of femboys are often shy and weak, somewhat nerdy, or inappropriately, almost sillyly flamboyant. I think this has been a detriment to them. Couldn't they be just seen as stylish, classy and mysterious, or fun and spontaneous, like regular ladies? Couldn't society free them from being judged by the masculine sterotype, something they aren't? I think femboys themselves should more actively seek it, just like girls have seeked their 'girlpower'. My femboys, be your most proud and spontaneous self, and never fear the 'hey fagboy' comment, cause what you are really can't be judged by this scale.
The same can be said about other types of androgynous expressions, but I will save that for another day.
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
3:00 am
How is an effeminate boy treated or socially catagorized?
This came up on a conversation elsewhere, it was suggested that because I enjoy being an effeminate boy so I can 'be treated like a girl while still being a boy'. I was going to counter this, but I couldn't completly. I know that I enjoy my appearance because it's a visual 'tell' to other people that you definatly can't expect what you'd expect from a 'typical guy' out of me. Don't expect me to lift heavy things, don't ask me 'Hey, you think she's hot?', and other stuff like that. I understand that I am treated differently from most guys I know. The expectations are different. I wanted to come up with examples of how effeminate boys are treated in life but I realized I didn't have examples to draw from.

There's myself, and I think there are comparisons I could draw between the way I'm treated because of my appearance and personality and the way girls are treated, but I'm not sure how to considder those treatments. Are they how you treat a girl or how you treat someone who isn't a typical male? I honestly have nothing to draw on when thinking about 'How do people treat effeminate boys?' There's the obvious 'HEY FAG! *POW*' but I dunno about anyone else, but that ended for me in high school. Once I got out of high school, everyone seemed to grow the hell up.

So... Anyone want to share?
Thursday, August 17th, 2006
4:39 am
Hi there, my name is Dustin, I’m new and I am wicked impressed by this community. I knew, of course, that I was not the only feminine acting boy in the world but I have looked all over the web trying to find something like this and ((BAMF!!)) here it is. I do consider myself fem and would like to think myself androgynous, spiritually if not also physically. I am into drag but not as a daily way of life kind of deal. I wear pink, I buy my jeans in the women’s department, I have long hair, I love manicures, I like to wear eye makeup from time to time, and love women’s jewelry. I see male femininity as something strongly spiritual and beautiful if not innately magical as well, I see it as the body is male while the spirit is female. From a rather young age I noticed that my energies and mannerisms were all very set in the feminine and because of this I have a deep respect for the divine feminine. I have been a practicing witch for several years now and my path and beliefs all curve away from what a normal male witch or pagan might follow. Becoming the hunter, the green man and embracing masculinity…sorry not exactly my calling. So I practice the more feminine aspect such as goddess form (a kind of invocation where you take the goddess into yourself and act out a ritual as that goddess. Or taking the goddess position should I be in ritual with other people. Also as one may have guessed I am a homosexual. Now that is not to say that ALL feminine men are gay but let’s be honest with ourselves most at least have a foot on our side of the line. Anyway, being that my beliefs are basely polytheistic I have spent a great deal of time researching different forms of mythology from all over the world and have found that a large number of cultures used to view feminine and homosexual men as being closer to the divine then most people because the exist between the genders. Egypt had one of the largest cults advocating this, the cult of the goddess Isis. Her priests were said to where their hair and nails long and dress in women’s clothing. On the more extreme side of this some even preformed ritual castration so they cold grow even closer to the divine feminine. Also it’s believed the where as a man and a woman create a physical birth, a child, two men together or two women create a spiritual, metaphysical, or artistic birth.
Anyway forgive my little history and religion rant. I am excited that I was able to find this community and I hope to make some new friends here…

Me! ^_~
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
11:10 pm
Yo? :p
Hi, I'm Ashley (It's a boy's name too, eat me. :P) and I've been prodding around the internet for communities of effeminate boys but I have a tendancy to encounter more extreams like sissies and closeted crossdresers when I'm really just looking for boys who are feminin in a more simple way rather than it being a social issue. (Does that make sense?)

I guess I'll talk about myself, since I'm new here I can't talk about you. :)

I have a hard on for yaoi manga, I really appreciate and relate to the esthetic ideal presented in it, since boys can range to being very feminin while not having complicated gender issues or anything, they're just 'cute' and it's as simple as that.

In my experiances with 'Gender' (I admit, I really don't like discussing the concept of gender, but oh well) have been interesting. I almost went the route of a transsexual and lived for one year as a girl, I felt that it wasn't what I wanted and while I enjoyed expressing my femininity I didn't want to be -female-. So I resigned myself to being a boy who for the most part looks like a girl at all times without crossdressing. It's had interesting results, I've heard from transsexuals who don't pass who who get 'figured out', they get fairly harsh or odd responses. It seems when a boy is mistaken entirely for a girl in apperance and voice but he's not even 'crossdressed', people don't have negative reactions. Instead of feeling 'You tricked them', they feel as if they made some sort of horrible mistake and instead applogise since they can't put their finger on 'why' they mistook you for a girl. (Of course, the reasons probably are the hair and the round face. But that's kinda subtle if you think about it. :)

I'm gay, but my boyfriend's straight. I'm sure someone has something to say about that.

I think the idea of 'male femininity' is an interesting but suppressed issue and that's why you see people at the more extreme ends than something that could be called 'everyday'. For example, girl's have tomboys, girls who can have more more masculine behaviours or interests or dress, but no one is going to think she's a lesbian, call her butch, think she's 'gender queer', a drag king, or anything else like that. However there isn't really much of a parallel for boys, it seems that in mainstream, any move forward for 'male femininity' is the right to grow your hair long and look like Hanson and you can stay home and take care of the kids while the wife works. ...And even that's a stretch. I mean heck, you don't even see boys with long hair who have their BANGS cut.

I think the only reason I get away with little to no grief in my life is because I actually look like I should be in a 'female gender role' and people assume I'm the harmless cute boy and treat me as such.

I guess I havn't much else to say... Picture? :)

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